Photography: HDR for Beginners

Photo taken from my recent trip to Arizona. One of the most argued about post-processing methods of photography is the creation of HDR Photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which is a compilation of 2 or more exposure set photos taken from the same exact position creating a deep contrast in both shadows and […]

Photography: Starry Nights – Speaking of Long Exposures

Photographer Lincoln Harrison(Australia) created some amazing shots in the dead of winter. These shots were taken over a period of 15 hours from sunrise to sunset. The article does not explain the technique used, but you can tell it was done with a set timer on his camera to take a long exposure shot approximately […]

Photography: Catching Lightning and Fireworks

“How do you shoot lightning?” I get this question a lot, and it’s one of my favorite photography techniques. Lightning, much like fireworks, is a photo technique that confuses the average viewer. They think that I would actually have to catch lightning?! This is virtually impossible because light that emits from lightning lasts on average, […]

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene came through my home town. With some minor fear of damaging my camera equipment, I went out and shot the flooding in the area and attached a few photos just to provide a glimpse of this major disaster.