Gring’s Mill Photo Shoot

Added a collection of over 30 shots to the Portrait Section called Gring’s Mill Shoot aka “A Gring’s Thing”. This shoot contained a bit of yoga, a bit of innocence and a lot of fun.

Model Shoot Website Update

I updated the website to show a preview of the latest model shoot. I would like to thank Melissa “Honeybee” for doing an amazing job during this shoot. Photos will be added to the portrait section in due time. Come back soon to see Melissa and the rest of the fantastic models!

Bridal Model Shoot

Added a large 25 shot collection to the Portrait Section called Bridal Photo Shoot. I had such a great time and had some fantastic models. Check them out! Also I updated the site to go along with the shoot and “wedding season”.

Photography: Polarizer Filter

With all the fancy equipment out there there is nothing as impressive as what a little filter can do for a photo. There’s a variety of filters available including: Ultra Violet, Neutral Density, Warm, Cool, Black & White, Infrared, and on and on. The most impressive filter and best for rich landscapes is a polarizer […]

Happy Holidays!

We’ve been so busy with photography and holiday shopping that we forgot to update the blog in some time. We just wanted to thank our many visitors for coming to our website and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Also, for your New Years Resolution, we highly suggest you follow us on Facebook and […]

Photography: Morning Glory

The old saying “The Early Bird Gets The Worm” has tremendous meaning in the realm of photography. To get the most amazing depth and color out of an outdoor scenic photo is to be able to wake up before the sun. Yes, this may be extremely difficult for those who must watch the season finale […]

New Site Imagery and 2 New Scenery Images

Website has been updated to reflect Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe, PA. Also 2 NEW images from the Jim Thorpe region have been added to the Scenic Photos. Check ’em out! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook. More images from Jim Thorpe can be found there!